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urgent_care_las_vegasUrgent Care Las Vegas would like to take this opportunity to help you and your family stay healthy by providing information on common ailments, their symptoms and treatments. A healthy family is a happy family.




• Allergies – Allergies are caused by a vast number of things such as
o Food
o Pollen
o Pet dander.
It is the job of your immune system cells to find the foreign substances (e.g. viruses, bacteria, etc) and get rid of them. This response is there to normally protect us from dangerous diseases. However when dealing with people that are subjected to allergies, they are especially sensitive immune systems that react in a variation of ways when they contact certain harmless substances commonly called allergens.

Common symptoms of allergies are helped by Urgent Care:

o Eye irritation
o Runny nose
o Stuffy nose
o Puffy, watery eyes
o Sneezing
o Inflamed itchy nose and throat
o Treatment

To remove the cause of the allergies is the easiest most effective remedy. Sometimes in life this is not possible.Speak with your doctor about the specifics of your allergies so you can better prepare your lifestyle to help you suppress allergy attacks. You can also try antihistamines, which work by blocking the action of the histamine (an inflammatory substance produced by your body when your immune system encounters an allergen). Antihistamines are sold in a variety of forms such as pills, nasal sprays, liquids, etc.  They work to prevent the systems of common allergies, however they have some drawbacks such as ineffectiveness of stuffy noses, drowsiness, dry mouth, headaches, constipation and possible difficulty with urination.

It is possible to help prevent certain allergies by following the examples listed below:
o Avoiding the outdoors between the hours of 5am and 10am. Save your outdoor activities for the late afternoon or after a heavy rain when pollen levels are reduced.
o To reduce the levels of pollen in your home and / or car keep your windows closed.
o Avoid using window and attic fans and utilize the air conditioner instead
o Pollen can be transported indoors on people and pets, so be aware of what enters your home
o Do not dry your clothes outside on a line. Use an automatic dryer instead

• Colds and Flu – Both colds and flu are caused by viruses. The term Flu is short for influenza, which is a virus that affects your upper respiratory system, (includes your nose throat and lungs). However, the most common of the flus, the “Stomach flu“ is not influenza. It is rather stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, etc., caused by a virus located in the stomach and intestines. Common colds are upper respiratory infections (URIs) that last approximately 10 to 14 days and cause inflammation of the membranes in the nose and throat. Common flu systems can appear suddenly without warning and affect the entire body, whereas cold symptoms mostly have symptoms and affects above the neck. Flu symptoms commonly present with the following:
o Fever
o Headache
o Intense pain
o Fatigue
o Severe cough

The flu can also turn into bronchitis, sinus and ear infections. If the problem or symptoms that you are experiencing are causing you discomfort you should immediately visit Urgent Care Las Vegas. It is vitally important that you seek medical attention if you have the following symptoms:
o A fever of 102 degrees or greater
o A persistent cough, especially with a significant fever (an indication of pneumonia)
o A persistent sore throat
o Any cold lasting more than 10 days

Due to the fact that colds and flu are virus in nature, this means they cannot be cured with antibiotics. Below are several tips that help you not only strengthen your immune system to fight illness but also help you feel better.

Urgent Care Tips:

o Get plenty of rest
o Drink lots of clear fluids
o Do not smoke
o Do not take antibiotics that are not prescribed for you
o Do not drink alcohol
o Avoid caffeine
o Eat well balanced meals
o Take over the counter medications, such as pain relievers, lozenges, decongestants, etc.
o Use a humidifier
o Wash your hands frequently

We offer flu shots for those who wish to have one. A flu shot can help to prevent the symptoms of the flu and / or reduce the symptoms if you should happen to get it.

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